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How to Survive Summer as a Working Mom

By Ashley Richards

Ah, summer. Think sunny days, pool time and barbecues with family and friends. It’s a wonderful time of year, but it can certainly be an overwhelming time for working mothers, especially if they have little ones or school-aged kids at home. 

The school year brings routine and set hours to get work done, but it’s different over the summer, where oftentimes the lack of a schedule can cause a working mama to feel overwhelmed while trying to do it all! Have no fear, friend. Here are a few tips to help you survive this summer:

Invest in summer camps: I am a huge fan of camps! It is something exciting that my kids look forward to and gives me some hours to focus on my business each day. Find a few camps that align with your children’s interests. We are enrolled in a basketball camp, gymnastics camp, and a fun water camp this year!

Find a buddy system: I coordinate play dates with mamas I trust where I can drop off my kids and sneak away to get work done. And — this is the most important part — I always return the favor and host a playdate at my house. This is a great way for your kids to enjoy time with friends while giving mom a few hours away so she can get things done.

Adjust your hours: If you can, adjust your hours to accommodate your family’s needs. I tend to work a few more hours in the evening once my kids go to bed, just to free up some time the next day to do some fun activities with my kids. I know this is not an option for everyone but if you can pull it off, I recommend it! 

Invest in arts and crafts supplies: During the hot summer months, be prepared with some fun indoor activities for your kids to do while you can hopefully sneak some work in. For us, arts and crafts are always a big hit and it keeps our kids entertained for an hour or so, depending on the project. 

No matter what you decide to do this summer, remember that we are all in this balancing act together. It’s OK to spend more time on work sometimes, while other times you can focus more on your family. It’s certainly a challenge trying to juggle it all during the summer months, but we only have a handful of these before our kids are grown and away in college. Let’s remember to find joy in the everyday, even if it’s in the little things. 

Ashley Richards, is the founder and CEO of E Squared Marketing with 15 years of experience executing digital strategies to transform businesses. In 2017, Ashley launched E Squared Marketing to provide creative digital solutions and heightened value to small to medium-sized businesses. Ashley is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and when she’s not working, you can find this Arizona native enjoying hikes with husband Brandon and their two children, Ellie and Eli.



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