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Family-Friendly Activities for a Fall Day Trip to Tortilla Flat

By: Katie Ellering, self-appointed Mayor of Tortilla Flat

As fall approaches and the weather turns cooler, outdoor activities are becoming more popular. One way to enjoy Arizona’s scenery and history is by visiting the town of Tortilla Flat. Tortilla Flat, Arizona’s smallest town with a population of only six, is the perfect location for families to come visit this fall. With a restaurant, museum, town jail, mercantile shop and country store, there is something for everyone.

The Tortilla Flat Saloon

The first stop on your day trip should be to The Tortilla Flat Saloon. The saloon features an expansive menu that everyone is sure to enjoy. It includes flavors such as prickly pear and smoky zest of the homemade chili recipe that will excite your taste buds. Other popular menu items include prickly pear pulled pork, the chili dog, carne asada fries and a classic cheeseburger. In addition, when you order a kid’s meal, your kids will be brought a cowboy hat to wear while they enjoy their food.

The saloon also has a variety of alcohol-free drinks, such as prickly pear lemonade and root beer. Both options are on draft and come in a frosty mug, making these drinks unique and memorable.

The Tortilla Flat Museum

Your next stop during your day trip to Tortilla Flat should be the museum! This museum features the history of the town with a soundscape that adds to the immersive experience. The guests can learn about the history of the building the museum currently lives in, the flood that almost took out the town, the people who have visited and the legends of Tortilla Flat that inspire people today.

The Town Jail

The newest town attraction is the town jail, which is perfect for a photo opportunity or a challenging mind game. You can get the whole family to fit in the jail cell and take pictures that will last a lifetime or try to break free from the cell. Participants of all ages can get locked in the cell and take on the numerous puzzles that will help them open the door. Those interested can ask the town mayor or staff to help make the experience thrilling!

The Mercantile Shop

Enjoying your time at Tortilla Flat? You can visit the mercantile shop for a souvenir of the day. Located inside the shop are t-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, keychains and even art from local artisans. These artisans make handcrafted jewelry that would make the perfect present for someone you love. Also, there are lots of souvenirs branded with the Tortilla Flat name, including t-shirts, to commemorate your experience. No matter what you are interested in, guests are sure to find something unique to the town that will keep you remembering your trip long after the day is done.

The Country Store

Finally, guests can make their way down to the country store for a sweet treat before they leave. Guests can enjoy the iconic prickly pear gelato or the variety of home-made fudge flavors in the store. The country store also has Tortilla Flat’s world-famous killer chili spice mix to take home and make it your own! You’re given a recipe and the ingredients, but the spice mix has been a secret town recipe for over 80 years! If you need a snack for the ride home, the store has a variety of takeaway items that will fill everyone’s stomachs.

All these pit stops are unique to the town of Tortilla Flat and are sure to create a memorable experience for the entire family. From filling your bellies at the saloon and country store, to strolling through the creaky wooden boardwalk, to throwing yourself in jail, you’ll get to experience what life was like in this old mining town!

About Katie Ellering and Tortilla Flat

Katie Ellering is the owner and self-appointed mayor of Tortilla Flat. Tortilla Flat is a piece of Arizona’s western history nestled in the Superstition Mountains. It is one of Arizona’s most historic sites that was first established as a stop along the Apache Trail and as a settlement for workers who hand-built the Roosevelt Dam. In many ways, the small town has played a part in helping Phoenix grow with its critical role in providing water for the growing metropolis. In the winter, Tortilla Flat has live music on the patio and you can enjoy a drink and delicious food from the Tortilla Flat Restaurant & Saloon. For more information about Tortilla Flat, please visit tortillaflataz.com.

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