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5 Reasons to Go on a School Tour

Before enrolling your child in a new school, it’s important to do your research. Looking up information about schools near you is a good place to start, but to make an informed decision, nothing beats an in-person visit.

At BASIS Charter Schools, we proudly offer tours to prospective families. During these tours, we deliver all the information that families need to learn who we are, why our curriculum is so acclaimed, and why we excel at teaching K–12 students.

Here are five reasons why going on a school tour can be valuable as you narrow down potential schools for your child.

1. You can see classrooms in action

Many school tours give you a chance to observe a classroom, allowing you to see what your child’s day-to-day learning environment will look like. Pay attention to the way teachers deliver their lessons. Do the students seem engaged and excited to learn? What is the dynamic like between the teachers and students?

2. You have an opportunity to ask questions

Asking questions plays an important role in finding the right school for your child. Whether it’s more general questions about the school’s pedagogical philosophy, or specific questions such as how to sign up for an after-school program, a school tour is a great time to ask questions and get immediate answers!

3. You meet teachers and staff

School tours give you an opportunity to meet the professionals who will be educating your child—school leadership, faculty, and staff. Some of the people you meet during your school tour might end up being your child’s future teachers! This is a great way to get to know the school staff before the school year begins.

4. You become familiar with the campus

During a school tour, a staff member will show you around different parts of the campus. This allows you to assess the physical environment of the school. Is it clean and well-maintained? Do classrooms exhibit pride in their students, with student artwork hung on the walls? What are the indoor or outdoor recreation areas like? Does the entrance seem safe and secure? Additionally, touring a school helps you and your child become familiar with the layout of the campus, which can make your child feel more comfortable on their first day.

5. You get to learn more about the school

Last but not least, school tours are valuable because they deliver a comprehensive overview of the school’s history, mission, and curriculum. You get a firsthand look at the school’s culture and community, helping you assess whether the school is the right fit for your child.

BASIS Charter Schools—the highest-performing, tuition-free, public school network in Arizona—offers school tours year round at our 22 Arizona campuses. Find a school near you and schedule a tour today to see our incredible academic program and passionate teachers in action!

Basis Charter Schools, charter schools, education, ArizonaOpen Enrollment for the 2024–25 school year runs from Wednesday, November 15, 2023 – Friday, December 15, 2023
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