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Dates Unlike Others (DUO)

Scottsdale-Based Bachelor Couple Creates Date-Planning App

If you’re fans of the Bachelor, you might already know a little bit about Arie and Lauren Luyendyk’s love story.

They met on the show back in 2017, and although Lauren was the runner-up and Arie originally proposed to someone else, he soon found himself regretting his decision and thinking about Lauren instead.

After breaking things off with the other woman, Arie ended up proposing on live television to Lauren, and the rest is history…

Now, married for over four years with three kids of their own (including a set of twins), the couple and their family split their time between Maui and Scottsdale.

In the midst of parenting and raising their three children, Arie and Lauren began working to create an app called DUO (Dates Unlike Others) which is now available to download.

The inspiration behind the app was born after Lauren and Arie said they were trying to be creative and intentional with the time they spent together as a couple.

“We got the idea during COVID when everyone was on lockdown, and we were trying to think of ways to entertain ourselves,” said Lauren. “We would do goat yoga, backyard movie nights, star-gazing, and s’mores-making, and people started asking us how we were coming up with these date ideas.”

Through DUO, other couples can now share in the excitement of trying out new things and being more creative with their date ideas, too.

The app, which is free to download, offers users the chance to swipe through hundreds of date ideas – referred to as date cards – specific to their area. In the Phoenix area, this includes things such as kayaking at Tempe Town Lake, visiting San Tan Flat, having a picnic at Papago Park, or going indoor go-karting at Octane Raceway.

With the premium option, you can opt for a surprise date. In this case, you set your budget, choose a time frame, and fill out a small questionnaire for the types of activities that interest you.

Then, a team of date-planning experts will do the rest—making any necessary reservations and planning the excursion—all which will remain a surprise to the both of you.

After the date is planned, you will get a text 24 hours before – giving you the address (you’re encouraged not to Google it), the time of when to show up, what to wear, and any other important details you might need.

Surprise dates typically consist of an activity followed by a meal—similar to what the couples do on the Bachelor.

Some examples of surprise dates planned by DUO have included trapeze excursions, mountain repelling, and visiting a lunar exhibit, just to name a few.

“We’ve seen a lot of happy couples,” said Arie. “It’s unique and really seems to push people out of their comfort zone and learn something new about each other.”

The couple said they hope that the app not only helps take away the stress of planning a date, but will help couples strengthen their relationship.

“It comes from something that Arie always says which is to never stop dating when you’re married,” said Lauren. “Whenever we get in a place where we’re struggling, we recognize that we need time to ourselves and think it’s important to always date.”

As the app continues to grow, Lauren and Arie said they have plans to continue expanding. Currently, they are working on a group date feature where users will be able to connect with other couples with similar interests and attend things like festivals or concerts together.

“We wanted to do something together and give back that Bachelor dating experience that we had,” said Lauren. “So far it’s exceeded our expectations. It’s exciting and fun, and there’s nothing else like it.”

For more information on DUO or to plan your surprise date, visit



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