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Celebrating Passover

Activities, Books & Recipes for the Whole Family

From the evening of April 22nd to April 30th, Jews across the world partake in the annual celebration of Passover, one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the Jewish calendar.

PJ Library, one of the leading resources for Jewish families across North America, offers up dozens of ways to help celebrate, whether you need a refresher on a few traditions, you just want to learn more about the history of the holiday, or you’re celebrating Passover for the very first time.

Passover Activities

For families looking for fun, unique resources, games, and printable Passover goodness, look no further than PJ Library’s Passover Hub, overflowing with music, stories, seasonal recipes, downloadable activities, book lists and much more, plus a step-by-step video playlist where kids can learn (or refresh) some serious seder skills.

Some highlights include:

  • A Passover FAQ for Kids which offers answers to 10 common questions kids ask, along with easy answers for grown-ups to refer to on the spot.
  • A variety of Passover Printables and a special “Who Knows About Passover” card game.
Books About Passover

One of the largest free book programs in the world, PJ Library offers up many age-specific books for the Passover holiday.

Some suggestions for this year include:

  • “In Our Teeny Tiny Matzah House”, by Bill Wurtzel, illustrated by Claire Wurtzel. For children ages 3 to 4. In the book Kitzel the cat can’t hear himself meow, because his house is too noisy. But it’s about to become noisier because Passover is about to begin!
  • “Who Will Ask the Four Questions” by Naomi Ben-Gur, illustrated by Carmel Ben-Ami. In this book, geared for 5 to 6 year olds, Eitan is wondering if his younger sister Evie will finally supplant him as the reader of the four questions (there’s also an animated read along!).
  • “A Persian Passover” written by Etan Basseri, illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh, is about Ezra and Roza who are looking forward to celebrating the holiday until they have an unfortunate mishap with the community matzah baking oven. Geared toward 6 to 7 year olds.
Passover Food

What would a Jewish holiday be without food – an important component of nearly every celebration!

This year, PJ Library invites families to taste the freedom of Passover with Matzah Mania offering a trio of fun and easy matzah recipes including:

  • Unleavened bread that’s holy roll-y DIY fun in less than 18 minutes.
  • A delectable fire-roasted tomato soup with cheddar matzah crisps.
  • Matzah bruschetta which is a snap to make and works as a great snack, lunch, or side!

For the activities, books, and recipes in this article, as well as more Passover resources, visit pjlibrary.org

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PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation which delivers more than 670,000 free Jewish story books to kids around the world each month. Jewish families of all backgrounds at all levels of Jewish knowledge and observance may subscribe every child in their home to receive a new, age-appropriate book each month. PJ Library’s team of experts and educators curate the book list to provide the very best children’s stories that celebrate Jewish values, traditions, and culture to engage all Jewish families. To find out more, visit pjlibrary.org



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