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PodKidz opens podcasting studio in Scottsdale

Know a kid interested in making their own podcast? PodPopuli, a new retail podcast studio in Scottsdale, is launching PodKidz to teach and inspire a new generation in the art of podcasting. PodPopuli, which offers quality recording, producing, creative, and distribution services, will provide instruction, support and tools for kids of all ages to discover their voices, improve communication skills and increase confidence.

“PodPopuli is a place where people of all ages can learn to podcast, launch a podcast, and even watch podcasts being created,” says PodPopuli founder Brian Howie. “We are beyond excited to be giving the kids of this community a creative outlet that is fun, safe, empowering, and a far better medium for talent expression than trying to become the next YouTube star!”

The PodKidz program features both individual and group instruction, so kids can learn solo or with friends. Kids will learn to create a concept, choose a subject matter, engage an audience and interview guests, plus post-production and marketing skills. PodPopuli is located at 7001 E. Main Street in Old Town Scottsdale. 833-PODS123 or podpopuli.com


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