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Arizona Science Center opens POP! The Science of Bubbles

Photo courtesy of Arizona Science Center

Beginning June 1, Arizona Science Center will be open seven days a week, offering an inspiring and captivating array of new exhibits and summer camps.

“As increased COVID vaccination rates reduce community spread in the Phoenix metro region, we are thrilled to return to being open daily once again,” said Dean Briere, Arizona Science Center’s interim CEO, in a statement. “We are especially excited to be more accessible as the weather outside heats up.”

Last month, the Science Center opened POP! The Science of Bubbles. This hands-on, engaging experience allows visitors to create bubbles with wands of all shapes and sizes, with a massive bubble dropping every 15-20 minutes. It may seem like a whole lot of super sloppy slimy fun but the exhibit also helps families learn the science behind what makes bubbles even possible, exploring concepts including elasticity, surface tension, evaporation, and geometry.

POP! The Science of Bubbles continues through January 2023 and is free with regular admission: $19.95; $14.95 for ages 3-17, free for children under age 3.

For those drawn to living creatures — especially the eight-legged variety — The Art and Science of Arachnids opens on May 28. This exhibition features three different themed “cubes,” holding a total of 100 live arachnids. The Science Cube showcases arachnids that are not spiders or scorpions; the Arts Cube illustrates arachnids featured in popular film, literature, and music; and the Culture Cube highlights arachnid folklore and mythology, arachnid conservation, and arachnids as food.

Starting on June 19, visitors can explore basic design and engineering concepts as they build, test, and tinker in the new Build It exhibition. Using a variety of different materials, including cardboard, Legos, blocks, etc., guests of all ages can design and construct objects from bridges to buildings–and everything in between.

For more information or to reserve tickets today, visit azscience.org or call 602-716-2028.




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