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10 Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Your Child’s Lunchbox

Written by staff member, Monique Seleen.

A nutritious lunch is one of the key ingredients to a child’s school day.

Lisa Zatcoff, a Nutritionist Dietetic Technician Registered (NDTR) and mother of three, says that a healthy lunch should be packed with a variety of nutrients including foods high in calcium and iron as well as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

“Eating a nutritious lunch provides a child with mental stamina, endurance for any sports or
physical activity classes, and will eliminate the urge to eat unhealthy snacks as soon as school is over for the day,” said Zatcoff.

Packing a lunch can seem like a burden when it’s just another thing to do on a busy day. You might find yourself feeling uninspired and as a result, your child ends up with yet another boring sandwich.

But Zatcoff says with a little bit of dedicated prep time it can be a quick process and a fun way to get kids involved and excited about trying new foods. Here are some tips she suggests to help you save time when preparing lunches:

Wash and chop vegetables ahead of time and put them in containers so they are ready
to go.
Use the same vegetable a couple of times a week with different combinations of foods.
Consider washing items like grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc., the
night before to preserve freshness (washing these types of fruit too far in advance can
speed up spoiling them).
Have other snacks, such as whole wheat pretzels, whole wheat crackers, graham
crackers, etc., pre-packed in containers.
Have a set time each weekend where it is prep time and have your children help as they
are able based on their age and skill level.
Zatcoff also suggests having a couple of healthy selections in each category for kids to choose from so they feel like they have a say in what they eat. She also recommends including a healthy added treat every now and then such as graham crackers, 100% fruit leather, or dark chocolate covered pretzels.

Here are 10 easy and healthy lunch ideas to inspire some new creativity in your child’s lunchbox:

1. Green salad with chickpeas, sunflower seeds, sliced grapes, and fruit- infused balsamic vinegar. Side of whole wheat crackers and low sugar yogurt (option of dairy free)

2. Whole wheat mini pita bread pizza with seasoned tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese. Side of cinnamon applesauce (unsweetened), and carrot chips

3. Sliced banana with almond butter wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Side of cucumber
slices with hummus dip and blueberries

4. Mini whole wheat bagel with seasoned avocado spread. Side of black bean salsa,
pretzels, and mini box of raisins

5. Japanese bento box with soba noodles and teriyaki sauce, shelled edamame, sliced
cucumbers, and pineapple chunks

6. Hummus (any flavor!) with cut up pita bread triangles, cucumbers slices, carrot sticks,
feta cheese crumbles. Clementine on the side.

7. Whole wheat cheese quesadilla with salsa and guacamole. Side of tortilla chips with
sliced strawberries and blueberries.

8. Whole wheat waffle “sandwich” with any kind of nut or seed butter (almond, peanut
butter, sunflower butter, etc.) and any fruit jam. Side of string cheese and carrot sticks.

9. Black bean, corn, and avocado burrito with salsa and corn chips. Side of applesauce.
10. Whole wheat pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers, bell peppers,
feta cheese and Italian dressing. Side of grapes.



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