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A Keepsake to Remember Your Breastfeeding Journey

Rhoda Miller, Arizona mom to three and owner of Liquid Goldsmith, stumbled upon breast milk jewelry when she was nursing her first son. She loved the idea of being able to capture and remember this special, albeit difficult, time in her life.

“I struggled with breastfeeding my boys in very different ways, from low supply to being just barely enough,” she said. “I worked with many lactation consultants, support groups, supplements, medications, endless hours of Googling & researching — you know the drill — all so I could breastfeed my babies. But after all is said and done, I feel accomplished for being able to provide whatever I could for my babies.”

Rhoda saved milk from her breastfeeding days with her first two boys in hopes of designing a special piece of breast milk jewelry once they were done having kids.

When her third (and final) baby boy arrived, she wanted to create a keepsake to represent all of her breastfeeding journeys for years to come.

“All my struggles with breastfeeding gave me a desire to help create a keepsake for other moms who have both struggled and triumphed during this special nursing time in our lives,” said Rhoda. “I would hear their stories while going to support group every week. What better way to celebrate than to have your own personal keepsake created uniquely for you!”

That’s when Liquid Goldsmith was born. Using a small amount of breast milk, Rhoda is able to preserve it into a stone and create a unique piece of jewelry for women to treasure forever.

All pieces are made using your own milk. Simply:

  1. Choose your jewelry (including rings, earrings, bracelets and more).
  2. Select any add-ons (such as color tints or metal flakes).
  3. Specify your design.

After you place your order, you will mail in your milk (about half an ounce or 15ml is needed). The milk will be preserved, dried, hand-crushed, and set in jeweler’s resin to create a stone for the jewelry setting of your choice. Orders then take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

“Breastfeeding is such a labor of love. But so often when it’s time to wean, whether it be baby’s choice or mom’s choice, it can be really hard and very emotional,” said Rhoda. “I hope that having a piece of breast milk jewelry helps to bring some closure to this experience and chapter of the mother’s life.”

In addition to preserving breast milk, Liquid Goldsmith can also accommodate infant formula (powder or liquid), hair, encapsulated placenta, umbilical cord, cremains/ashes, pet fur, fabric, and dried flowers.

For pricing or to place an order, visit liquidgoldsmith.com



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