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RAK eats: Oregano’s review

Taking 3 kids out to dinner can be a challenge so we love finding a place that is extra fun–Oregano’s did not disappoint! The last time I was there was pre-kids so it was time to check it out again. With 22 Arizona locations you’re sure to find one near you! Here’s a list.

Upon walking in my 8 year old said he felt like we went back in time (and that it smelled delicious!). Despite not being around in the 1950s the restaurant’s vintage theme felt oddly nostalgic to me–as if you were entering into your Nonna’s kitchen for a weekly family dinner. We found out while there that each restaurant is styled similarly with the same colors and theme but the antiques and decor are unique! I love browsing antique stores so maybe that’s why it felt so familiar.

Since we were on a wait list before even leaving the house we didn’t have long to wait before being seated. The waitress brought out balls of dough for the kids to play with and they thought that was the coolest part. The made their own pretend pizzas and it kept them busy until the food was on the table.

Jackson (8) made ‘dough-nails’ which he thought was clever.

I’m definitely not a pizza snob, and neither are my kids (you can’t be a snob when you eat food off the ground), but my husband…he’s harder to please. He ordered one of the stuffed pizzas and we all agreed the sauce & crust was awesome. I’ve never been to Chicago to try authentic pizza but I think this is as close as I’ll get. We also ordered garlic bread, salad, and calamari to eat while we waited for the pizza and it was ALL yummy–definitely hit the spot. Our toddler went with Mac n’ Cheese off the kids menu, ate none of it, and continued to play with the dough the rest of the evening. He did eat it for lunch the next day so it must have been good!

Grayson (2) plays with pizza dough.

By the end of dinner all of the three boys were definitely whining so we didn’t stick around for dessert but the infamous pizza cookie will be on our list for next time!

Some helpful pro-Mom tips:

  • Wait times can be long so try adding your name on the waitlist through Yelp. It even tells you how many parties are ahead of you.
  • Check out this menu before you go so you can order right away.
  • Some pizzas take longer to cook (like stuffed/deep dish options) so keep that in mind if your kids are hungry! You can have the kid meals brought out early (or munch on appetizers).

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