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7 Ways to Help Your Child Combat the After-School Slump

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After a full day at school, you might find your child coming home exhausted and in a bit of a daze. Here are 7 ways you can help them unwind and push through that after-school slump.

1. Fix them a healthy snack. With the right balance of protein and fiber, a healthy snack can provide a little boost of energy. Here are some suggestions provided by a registered dietitian from Village Health Clubs & Spas

2. Wait to do homework. It can be difficult for kids to jump right into homework after school. Give them some time to rest before tackling any projects or assignments. Here are some other helpful homework tips from a local middle school teacher.

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3. Try a meditation for kids or a kids’ yoga video. There are lots of great options for kid meditation apps such as Headspace, Calm, and Smiling Mind. YouTube has lots of kid yoga videos for free that are easy to follow along and vary in length for different attention spans.

4. Let them engage in sensory activities such as play-dough, slime, or kinetic sand. You can even make your own cloud dough following this recipe! These activities can be a great way for kids to unwind while also getting in some quiet playtime.

5. Bring out the coloring books and play some classical music in the background for some added peace. Coloring is a calming activity for kids of all ages (they even make adult coloring books so you can join in if you want, too).

6. Give them space—Wait to ask too many details about their day (let that be part of your dinner conversation later). Instead, some kids may just want to lie on the couch or go in their rooms for a little bit of quiet time.

7. Play together—This might be a good time to play a card game, be physically active together outside (maybe go for a bike ride or walk), or even learn a Tik Tok dance together. Engaging with them after school can be a great way to bond and have fun before diving into more obligated tasks such as homework and chores.



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