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Banner Health: Women and Infant Services

Having a baby is a special experience and choosing your maternity care team as well as where you will deliver are both important steps in the journey.

To ensure you feel comfortable, informed, and safe while you prepare to welcome your baby into the world, it can be helpful to know what to expect and what options are available to you before you deliver.

Laura Snow, Associate Vice President of Women, Infant and Pediatric Services, offers insight into the many services Banner Health provides throughout pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and more.

Each year, Banner Health’s maternity teams deliver more than 30,000 babies at their various hospital locations and are currently expanding the Women and Infant Services at both Banner Gateway and Banner Desert Medical Centers to meet the growing needs of these areas.

“Banner is a leader in the women’s health space and the largest provider of maternity services in the market,” said Snow. “With 10 labor and delivery programs across the market, we are able to care for everything from high touch to high tech.”

Whether you are looking for a more natural birth, seeking pain management options during labor, or needing a cesarean, Banner Health offers a variety of specialized programs to ensure mothers and babies have the best birthing experience possible.

In addition to regular maternity suites, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center in the west Valley has four natural birthing suites for patients looking to achieve a natural birth experience.

The natural birthing suites are designed to feel a little homier and less like a clinical setting, while still having medical equipment readily available if needed.

“Many women view it as a natural process and we provide that with the safety of being in a hospital environment,” said Snow.

If achieving a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) is one of your goals, Banner Del E. Webb and their team of midwives are supportive of trying to make that happen.

High-risk pregnancies and premature babies will receive top-notch neonatal care by providers at Banner Desert, Banner Thunderbird, and Banner University Medical Centers.

“We have OBGYNs specializing in maternal fetal medicine, caring for the most complicated pregnancies and serious clinical conditions that might complicate their pregnancy,” Snow said. “These facilities can take care of the most premature babies, and we have internal relationships between the other medical centers where we’re able to facilitate any transfer process as quickly as possible.”

All facilities strive to support the mother and baby in multiple ways by providing a variety of birthing modalities such as peanut balls and portable tubs, offering aromatherapy options, welcoming birthing doulas, and offering lactation and breastfeeding support when needed.

Leading up to the delivery, Banner Health has many prenatal education courses for patients planning to deliver with a Banner facility. With both in-person and virtual options, you can find courses on helpful topics such as preparing for childbirth, breastfeeding basics, a class specifically for new dads, and OB facility tours.

During your hospital stay, you can expect to receive careful watch over you and your baby for any potential complications.

“We continue to monitor moms for high blood pressure and hemorrhaging,” said Snow. “Healthy newborns will stay with mom for the duration of their stay, but if a baby does need extra care, we have level two neonatal care available at all facilities.”

Care doesn’t end once you are discharged. You can find a variety of pediatric providers through Banner Health to continue caring for your new bundle of joy.

“We have a great seamless connection between the laboring process, postpartum care, and pediatric programs,” said Snow. “We want to be there to support families every step of the way.”



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