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Preschool art: Bubble wrap creates an undersea scene

Here’s a fun bubble-wrap art activity for preschool fans of “Finding Nemo” (or Dory), Sea Life Aquarium Arizona in Tempe or OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale.

What you’ll need:

Uncoated paper plates
Washable paint: green, blue, orange
Bubble wrap
Construction paper: white, green
Black pen or googly eye

undersea-supplies, bubble wrap, paper plate, washable paint, construction papaer

What to do:

Cut a small piece of bubble wrap and set aside. Pour some water-colored paints (blues and greens) onto a paper plate. Put a second paper plate in front of your child, who will press the bubble wrap into the paint, then transfer it onto the clean plate.

undersea-step1, bubble wrap, paint, plate

It should leave an imprint of “bubbles” across your plate. If it doesn’t, use a little less paint, or continue dabbing it over and over. Repeat this step until the plate is covered in “water.”

undersea-step2, preschool art, craft, bubble wrap

Once the plate is covered, set it aside and get the supplies to make your child’s handprint fish.

Paint your child’s hand with the washable paint. We used orange to make our own version of Nemo.

undersea-step4, paper plate, orange paint, hand, paintbrush

Make the handprint on the white piece of construction paper then let dry.  While the water and fish images are drying, take this time to cut some sea grass out of the green construction paper.

Once dry, cut your child’s handprint fish out and glue it, along with the seaweed, to the “water” plate.  Add a drawn on eye (or googly eye) to your fish to complete the project!

undersea-5, bubble wrap prints, paper plate, green construction paper

undersea6, orange hand print, green construction paper seaweed, textured plate



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