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Dental visits can be stressful for parents and kids!

Here are three ways to make them easier on everyone:

1.Read books or watch shows about going to the dentist. Just knowing what to expect can take away some of the stress.

2. Schedule a happy visit. Call your dentist and ask when would be a good time to stop by with your child. No exam. No sitting in the chair (unless they want to). Just a quick tour of the office to say hello and get comfortable with the sights and sounds at the dentist.

3. Praise your child – before, during and after the exam. No matter how well you think the visit went, be sure to tell your child what a great job she did. Let us handle the dentistry; you get to be the cheerleader.

Remember – it will get easier every time you go. That’s just one of the reasons scheduling visits early and often for your child helps them have better oral health.

Dr. Lafe Chaffee is a board certified pediatric dentist in Mesa. He cares about making sure kids have safe, happy experiences at the dentist so they’ll take care of their smiles for the rest of their lives. He uses laser dentistry to treat decay and release tongue and lip ties without the need for numbing and shots. You can learn more about Chaffee Pediatric Dentistry online at chaffeekids.com and on Instagram: @chaffeepediatricdentistry



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