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Congrats, you’re having a baby!
Do you go to the doctor now?


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You’ve taken a home pregnancy test and it came up positive. Now, it’s time to make your first prenatal appointment. Many women have their first prenatal visit after the 8th week of their pregnancy.

Don’t delay this for too long. At your first prenatal visit, your doctor will confirm your pregnancy, take your health history, and talk with you about what to do and what to expect. 

You’ll also find out the schedule for future visits to check how your baby’s growing and how you’re doing. In the my baby. by Dignity Health app, you can easily set up reminders to schedule your first prenatal visit and all the visits after that. Plus, each visit and to-do per trimester is in your own personal To-Do List in the app. Reminders and a to-do list can be super helpful, especially when “pregnancy brain,” or that feeling of forgetfulness hits.

my baby. by Dignity Health has health tips and thousands of trusted health articles to guide you during your pregnancy and into your baby’s first 2 years. When you download your my baby. app, available for free in your app store, you’ll have exclusive access to:

  • Personalized clinical content and resources for a week-by-week guide
  • Connect with Dignity Health and community health care resources in Arizona
  • Answers to questions about your symptoms
  • Pregnancy trackers for movement/kicks, weight, and due date
  • Ultrasound pregnancy videos
  • Doctor-approved health articles from ACOG and more

The my baby. by Dignity Health app is there to support your pregnancy journey when you’re not at the doctor’s office. So it’s important to keep those visits on the schedule. If you’re looking for a doctor, the app can even connect you to a Dignity Health OB in Arizona and other resources. 

Try not to miss a single checkup. These visits can reassure when all is going well and help find treatable health issues early, in both you and your baby. Most moms-to-be find things to like and not like about prenatal visits. However you feel about them, remember to go!

If you’re nervous, worried, or finding excuses to not go to your prenatal visit, you can:

  • Talk through your reasons with a friend who’s already a parent.
  • Share your concerns about checkups with your doctor. He or she may have tips to ease stress.
  • Think about your baby: checkups are a super-easy way to help give him or her the right start in life.

Remember to ask about any issues you’ve been having. Turn to the Q-List in the my baby. app to keep track of all your questions for your next appointment. And after you have baby, you can use the Q-List and the entire app to continue to support you and your baby’s health. That includes important clinical topics for newborns and young children from 0 to 2 years old like developmental milestones by age, literacy, dental health, and nutrition. There are also reminders around developmental milestones and management of important activities such as scheduling recommended well-child checks. Then turn to popular new parent tracking tools like the feeding tracker, diaper tracker, and growth tracker.

Learn more about what happens during your first prenatal visits in your my baby. by Dignity Health app. Download it in your app store today.

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