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Special Needs Solutions is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that designs and builds support and therapeutic equipment for children and adults with disabilities in the communities of Southern Arizona.

We help make it possible for young and old with special needs to participate as fully as possible in their lives by providing them with quality, affordable, custom made therapeutic equipment promoting their independence, cognitive development, and contact with the world around them.

Clients pay for only the cost of materials—a tiny fraction of the amount charged by commercial manufacturers of similar, generic equipment.

This is Special Needs Solutions’ fifth year as an independent non-profit. However, we have been part of the long-lived but discontinued Division of Developmental Disabilities program (the “Adaptation Station”), so we have been serving the community for a total of 34 years.
The ongoing financial burden already placed upon a family caring for a child or adult with disabilities is undeniable. Many of those with disabilities require specialized equipment for sitting, mobility, making their needs known, eating, and emotional regulation.

When commercially available, this equipment can be very expensive. For those who have limited means or are without insurance, and for those whose insurance will not pay for the needed equipment, cost is often an insurmountable barrier.

Because Special Needs Solutions design and fabrication are done by generous volunteers who are skilled in cabinetry, electronics, and sewing, we are able to provide the essential supports for only the cost of the materials it takes to make them.

In addition, our volunteers are able to design and create custom adaptive equipment that’s not commercially available. In fact, almost everything made at Special Needs Solutions is designed to the specific physical and therapeutic needs of the individual.

We are the only entity in Arizona offering custom-made special needs equipment for just the cost of materials.

We offer assistance to individuals with any kind of disability, and from any social circumstance. Our work is done as a collaboration between those individuals, their families, and the occupational therapists, physical therapists, and teachers who work with them.

During a typical year, Special Needs Solutions adapts approximately 1,000 items and serves over 220 individuals with special needs (and many more through the use of our equipment in exceptional education school programs, community agencies, and clinics).

For more information visit snstucson.org

David Gordon
David Gordonhttp://www.nstucson.org
David spent most of his adult life globe-trotting to conduct training seminars in psychotherapy and writing and publishing several books. He then went on to teach second grade at Tucson Unified School District and eventually took over the Adaptation Station for the Division of Developmental Disabilities. When they shut down, David went on to start Special Needs Solutions. He says his time as the Executive Director of Special Needs Solutions has been, by far, the most fulfilling endeavor he has been a part of. To learn more visit snstucson.org



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