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Holiday 2023 Gift Guide

Stumped on what to get your kids for Christmas?

Publisher, Kate Reed & Editor, Monique Seleen got you covered with gift ideas and stocking stuffers for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and up! Plus, check out some unique experience gift ideas for the whole family!

Baby Gifts 

The Seleen Family in their matching family pajamas by PatPat.

Monique’s Picks

  • Wrist rattles and socks. We bought these for our son when he was about 2 months old and got lots of use out of them. As babies kick and move their hands and feet, they’ll keep themselves entertained as the little rattles shake and make noise. 
  • Suction cup spinner toys. These are a multi-use toy and can suction onto sliding glass doors, the refrigerator, or oven. Your little one will love watching them spin and can also pop them, providing great sensory stimulation. 
  • Fisher Price Baby Bouncer. This has been a well-loved item in our house. We got one for my son when he was 5 months old and he used it all the way until he was 18 months (only stopped because he hit the weight limit!). It plays music, allows them to spin around, has lots of stimulating toys, and of course, gets them bouncing and moving all in a contained space. 
  • Popup Play Tunnel. My brother and sister-in-law gifted this to my son and it’s such a fun at-home thing to do for crawlers, especially. It’s easy to set up and collapses nicely for storage. As they get older, you can fill it with balls and make it part of a fun obstacle course. 
  • Matching Family Pajamas.  Buying matching family pajamas is such a fun family tradition to start, especially if this is your first baby! This year, we are loving our matching set from PatPat. They had so many different festive styles and patterns to choose from, and were very reasonably priced.

Kate’s Picks

  • Rolling Mirror. This colorful roly-poly toy is great for crawling babies. Plus, it rattles and the mirror encourages self development! 
  • Walker. This dual purpose toy is great for sitters, crawlers, and new walkers. And you can use it long after your baby masters walking. 
  • Penguin Musical Walker. Whether your baby is mobile or just loves tummy time, this little penguin wobbles, waddles, spins, and makes little tinkling sounds. Great for roly poly babies! 
  • BabyShaki. This adorable rattle was a big hit for our baby recently since it’s easy to grasp. Now that he’s crawling he loves to chase it as it rolls away. 
  • Rotating Music Box. This sweet toy is perfect for newborns and up. It plays 2.5 minutes of soothing music and displays bright colors. When your baby is older they’ll love watching it roll on its side. 
  • Wooden Activity Cube. Starting with tummy time babies will be entertained with the spinning letters, opening and closing doors, and spinning pieces. Once your baby is older they’ll love the toys on top. A great ‘grow with me’ option.  
  • Grasping Ball Toy. This toy has wooden balls that can be manipulated by little hands. As your baby plays with the toy it makes a slight clicking sound. 
  • Tobble Tones. This triangular toy features a mallet in the middle that moves side to side to create a bell sound. It encourages sensory learning, cause-and-effect learning, and enhances fine motor skills! 
  • Vibrating Guitar. Your baby’s first guitar so they can rock out! Strings, frets and a pull-string amp triggering a rattling sound make this a delightfully realistic first instrument.

Baby Stocking Stuffers 

Fat Brain Dimpl Bath Toys.

Monique’s Picks 

  • Pretend Cell Phone. This toy cell phone plays songs, counts, and looks similar to an iPhone. My son loves making pretend calls on it and gets so excited when it lights up. 
  • Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging Teether. You can never have too many teethers!  This one is great because it gets your baby used to the feeling of a toothbrush while gently massaging their gums. 
  • Baby Crinkle Paper. This baby crinkle paper is so simple, but your little one will love it. It’s easy to throw in the diaper bag, give them in the car seat or stroller, or travel with. This kept my son entertained for quite some time on his first flight! 
  • Fat Brain Dimpl Bath Toys. These Dimpl toys have many uses. Little ones will love pouring, popping, and splashing with them. They’re great in the bath or even to bring to the beach or splash pad! 
  • Pop Tubes. These pop tubes provide endless opportunities for fun for your little one. When they’re younger, they’ll love the sound they make as they expand. As they get older, put them together to form letters, shapes, or numbers. 

Kate’s Picks

  • Waterproof books. Great for bathtime or just droolers these little books are the perfect size for babies. This one changes color in the bath!
  • Puffs. Snacks are always a hit with babies, and couldn’t be easier for Santa.
  • Booties. Babies are notorious for not keeping their socks on so these slippers are perfect! We have a bunch and they’re the perfect size for the stocking! And grandma won’t ask about missing socks. 
  • Mini Slumberkins. These are the cutest ‘mini’ additions to your baby’s toy collection! A great size for little hands and the diaper bag. 
  • Baby Einstein Tiny Piano. I don’t love toys that make noise but this little piano is great for a little entertainment (and it has an off button!). 
  • Stay Put Rattles. If your baby loves to knock over toys then try these suction cup rattles for the high chair. No more constantly picking up toys! 
  • Munchkin Bath Balls. These floating balls have no holes so there’s no water inside the toys and they make a rattling sound. Just the right size for a stocking!
  • Dimpl Wobbl. Babies can use these as chew toys but also love the feeling of the bumpy frame. Then it tilts, spins and wobbles all around! 
  • Rainbow Car. This wooden car features 6 colored disks that move as your baby plays with it. Sized for little hands to grab, grip, roll and play with.
  • Tumbling Balls. These little balls encourage hands-on play and will rock back and forth when tossed. Each ball stimulates a different sense: visual, auditory, and texture. 
  • Ornament. Every year each of our kids gets a custom ornament. We always get a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ one! Then when they’re older they can take all the ornaments for their own tree. 

Toddler Gifts 

Custom Name Wooden Bus Toy with Peg Dolls from Esty.

Monique’s Picks 

  • Kitchen Learning Tower. There are so many different kitchen learning towers out there but we especially loved this one since it’s easy to fold up for storage. They are great to help toddlers be at counter level and assist with cooking and baking.
  • Toniebox. The Toniebox provides screen-free entertainment with a variety of songs and stories. It’s durable, soft, and tumble-proof, and is perfect for quiet time (you can plug headphones into it), travel, or even bedtime stories. I can’t wait for my son to open it!
  • Melissa & Doug Cool Scoops Ice Creamery. With this ice cream scoop set, toddlers can order, create, and serve pretend frozen treats. It includes a soft serve dispenser, magnetic write-on ordering and payment tablet, magnetic menu board, display area, and lots of storage. I just know my son is going to love this for many years to come!
  • Bike Trailer. We are really looking forward to taking our son for lots of bike rides around the neighborhood in this bike trailer from Burley. This bike-trailer seats two and can easily convert from a trailer to a walking stroller. It’s lightweight and folds down compactly for storage, too! 
  • Melissa & Doug Metal Shopping Cart. Another Melissa & Doug favorite in our household is this metal shopping cart. It’s sturdy and feels like a mini version of the real thing! My son absolutely loves loading it up with all his pretend food and pushing it around the house yelling, “shopping!” 

Kate’s Picks

  • Brown Moose Kin. These Slumberkins are the coziest gift for your toddler. As a bonus, “this furry friend can help parents reiterate important lessons from our story—namely, that showing up as our true and unique selves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.”
  • Busy Board. These activity boards are great for keeping little curious hands busy. My favorite thing about this board is the ball ramp! 
  • Cozy and Dozy Dinkums. If you have a toddler who loves helping to care for the baby then you’ll love these adorable floppy dolls. They have a line of holiday babies that are perfect for your toddler.  
  • Duplo Legos. Easier for little hands to build with, these larger Duplo building blocks have a good assortment of themes like Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, construction, or just classic pieces! 
  • Cleaning Set. If your little helper isn’t *too* helpful with tidying the house, try gifting this cleaning set with a broom, dustpan, mop, and duster. 
  • Doll House. This simple wooden dollhouse allows imagination to take over. Use it for action figures, Little People, peg people, or even cars! Paint it or leave it as natural wood.
  • Vehicles for Peg People. If your little ones love the peg people, these vehicles are well made and fit the dolls perfectly! 
  • Flip Car Track. Not just for toddlers but the perfect age to introduce this fun toy! We got a similar one last year and it’s played with daily. I recommend getting extra cars–they seem to wander off! But ours also works with wooden balls! 

Toddler Stocking Stuffers 

Bubble Machine.

Monique’s Picks 

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste Set. This cute set features a toddler-sized toothbrush perfect for small mouths and hands. It also comes with a fluoride-free toothpaste that’s free of all the junk and is safe to be swallowed when used as directed.
  • Socks. I’m all about including some practical stocking stuffers and feel like toddlers are always in need of new socks. These socks from Olivia J are definitely some of my favorite. Locally owned by Gilbert mom, Shae Jones, these socks are high-quality and come in so many fun prints. 
  • Bubble Machines. My son is obsessed with bubbles but doesn’t quite know how to blow them himself. This bubble wand is perfect because it provides all the fun of bubbles with the click of a button. 
  • Melissa & Doug Magnetic Letters and Numbers Set. Perfect for little hands that love pulling things off the fridge (is it just my son?), help your toddler learn their letters and numbers with this fun magnet set. 
  • Tonie Figures. If you plan to buy a Toniebox, then the figurines make the perfect stocking stuffers. With over 200 characters to choose from, stock up on all your child’s favorites such as Paw Patrol, Toy Story, Encanto, Lion King, Frozen, and more! 

Kate’s Picks

  • BAND-AIDs. Our kids go through a lot of bandaids–whether they’re needed or not so we love to pick some cute themes to stock the medicine cabinet.
  • Bubble Bath. We love Tubby Todd for bath products and they have the cutest Christmas set!
  • Bath Bombs. Our kids LOVE bath bombs and we’ll get the mini ones so they’re not wasted.
  • Post Truck. Our toddler loves to watch the mailman come and go so this little truck is the perfect size for playing or taking on the go! 
  • Bath Critters. These bath toys are great for toddlers who love playing in the water. Each piece comes apart so they dry completely and the little holes create a shower effect when they fill it with water. 
  • Pocket Play Set. Best for older toddlers, this adorable set comes in lots of fun character sets and is perfect for on the go play. 
  • Ornament. Every year each of our kids gets a custom ornament. We love picking one that shows what they were interested in that year. Then when they’re older they can take all the ornaments for their own tree. 
  • Magnifying Glass. This is a fun toy to use around the house or outside. They can get up close and personal with everything! 

Preschooler Gifts

Shadow Play Books.
  • Plan Toys Vet Set. If Fido needs a check up then this set will be a big hit! Comes with a ‘cone of shame’, x-ray pictures, thermometer, stethoscope, and more. Perfect for stuffed furry friends! 
  • Style and Groom Set or Hair Salon. If your kids love make-believe they’ll adore this little barber or salon set! Get ready for your hair cut!
  • Doll Carrier. Kids love to imitate the adults around them so if you spend a lot of time carrying your baby then this is a great gift for your little one! 
  • Airfort. Have a small house? This is a great portable, interactive toy that offers hours of fun! All you need is a box fan. No more blankets and pillows thrown around the house! 
  • Slippers. These are great (and affordable) gifts for little ones! Whether your kids are into Mario, super heroes, dinosaurs, or puppies there’s something for everyone. 
  • Cardboard Fort. Save this activity for a rainy day inside and you’ll keep the kids entertained all day! Choose from a house, castle, or even a spaceship! 
  • Superspace Panels. The ultimate construction gift! Easy to put together with strong magnets this set allows maximum playtime fun.
  • Doctor Set. Pretend play is a big hit in our house so this wooden doctor kit is perfect for your preschooler. Includes wooden stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, syringe and reflex hammer all packed in a handy little case.
  • Stabelstein Board. Combined with their Original Element you can create the ultimate balance challenge for little ones and adults alike! Use it for open ended play or just to get the wiggles out! 
  • Easel. This double sided easel stores a paper roll and coloring materials underneath. It’s easy to set up and move around. Pair it with some fun magnets and it will provide hours of fun! 
  • Bugs in Resin. This was a big hit in our house! They’re durable, feature 20 different insects, and even make a great bath toy. 
  • Shadow Play. The perfect interactive story time that involves play–and no screens. Just open up the book, switch off the lights, turn on a flashlight, and watch the stories come to life on the wall. Old school fun with a modern twist. 

Preschooler Stocking Stuffers

Build a Snowman Play Dough Busy Hands Kit by Pauli Dough.
  • Play-Dough Kits. These hands-on kits are great for quiet time and can be reused over and over. Get different themes depending on what your kids like! 
  • Projector Flashlight. Use this device to show your child the universe. Comes with two projector slides that show the planets and out-of-this-world visitors. 
  • Preschool Watch. When kids are learning to tell time or understand routine, this watch is handy for explaining what time events will occur. They also make a watch with animals instead of numbers which is a great idea for kids who don’t know their numbers yet.
  • Grow Kit. Your child can grow their own Christmas Tree with this adorable stocking stuffer. Each kit comes with a plantable Christmas tree shape with tree seeds inside, pot, soil, and easy to grow instructions.
  • Key Chain Kit. This adorable set comes with all the items to make a keychain. Perfect to add some personal touches to your preschooler’s backpack. 
  • Wallet Card Set. My 5 year old loves ‘paying’ with our cards when we’re out and about. This set of play cards comes with a credit card, gym card, metro card, toy store rewards card, coffee card, and driver’s license. 
  • Tattoos. Our kids all love temporary tattoos. They’re fun to put on and last for days! 
  • Slingshot with Felt Balls. Get some old fashioned fun for your kids! This slingshot comes with 24 colorful and soft felt balls. You might want to consider ordering some extra balls! 
  • Beginner Knife. If your preschooler is ready to cook in the kitchen with you, order this wooden knife that safely cuts fruit, meat, vegetables, and more. Get it personalized with a name or phrase. 
  • Ornament. Every year each of our kids gets a custom ornament. We love picking one that shows what they were interested in that year. Then when they’re older they can take all the ornaments for their own tree. 
  • Crayons. There are lots of options for crayon shapes–even names! This shop has lots of themes from Pokemon, Mario, LEGO bricks, and worms! 

Elementary Gifts 

LEGO Mosaic Maker.
  • Mini Labster: The MiniScope. If you have a budding scientist this is a portable microscope that your kids can examine bugs, leaves, and more!
  • KiwiCo. This subscription service offers a wide variety of activities that inspire and spark curiosity. We love the holiday sets! 
  • RC Stunt Car. This car comes with two rechargeable batteries for longer play and can be controlled with a remote or hand sensor. It even has ‘smoke’ (water vapor) that comes out of the back. 
  • Mega Science Kit.  This set comes with 20 science experiments to try at home. Plus each experiment is made to look like a magic trick-complete with a magic wand and white gloves! 
  • Light Up Terranium. Kids can create their own ecosystem with this cute terrarium kit. Just add water for a unique science experience
  • Sketching Kit. For the artist, this set has a little bit of everything: sketching pad, coloring book, watercolor book, and pencils, watercolor pencils, and colored pencils. 
  • LEGO Mosaic Maker. Turn any portrait into a LEGO set! A great gift for kids 10+ that love a challenge. 
  • Personal Planetarium. In combination with the accompanying Smartphone App, this newly developed star viewer shows the stars with a wealth of information and fantastic images. Experience the universe from anywhere! 
  • Raddish Kids. For kids that love to cook, this monthly membership offers easy to follow recipes on laminated cards, table talk cards, and a patch for their apron. Plus access to a digital library! 
  • 3D Printer. ToyBox is the first of its kind! An easy to use 3D printer for kids. Make all sorts of fun creations from toys to kitchen tools. 
  • DIY STEM Kit. These educational DIY toys` are perfect for boys and girls who love to explore and create. With step-by-step instructions and all the necessary materials included, children can engage in fun and interactive science projects.

Elementary Stocking Stuffers

3D Animal Wacky Bookmarks from Etsy.
  • Lego Wintertime Polar Bears. Mini in size, but not in pieces! This little polar bear set features 312 pieces that will entertain your builder for a while! 
  • Card Games. Our family loves playing games and Uno is our 5th grader’s favorite game! The best part is that there are different variations and themes to pick from! 
  • Mini Jenga. This pocket sized game is fun to play anywhere. We love to bring it to restaurants when we might have a wait for food to arrive. 
  • Spinning Tops. Old-school fun! Challenge your kids to see who’s top spins the longest. Perfect size for stockings.
  • Peg Game. My oldest loves playing this game when we visit Cracker Barrel so it’s a good size for the stocking! Also the perfect size to take on the go. 
  • Wallet. If your child is starting to collect some cash for holidays or from doing chores, consider getting them their own wallet! This one can be engraved with their name. 
  • Ornament. Every year each of our kids gets a custom ornament. We love picking one that shows what they were interested in that year. Then when they’re older they can take all the ornaments for their own tree. 
  • Bookmarks. If you have an avid reader (and maybe one that loses lots of bookmarks!) get a set of these cute 3D animal bookmarks. 
  • Card Racer. These pocket-sized cars transform from a card into a racing car! Press the launch button and watch the car transform before your eyes. 

Unique Family Experience Gifts

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.
  • Alta Climbing.  This 30,000 square foot facility, with locations in Gilbert and Chandler, offers an environment where kids can climb safely and the whole family can join in on the fun! 
  • Puttshack. Kickup the competition with tech-infused mini golf. Forget the paper and pencils, each ball has a microchip keeping track of your gameplay as you earn or even lose points based on how you play. Come hungry because Puttshack also has world class cuisine options and craft cocktails. 
  • Pogo Passes. The Pogo Pass is your all inclusive ticket granting you admission to a variety of thrilling attractions throughout the year. With just one upfront purchase, you can unlock admission to water parks, zoos, baseball games, rock-climbing adventures, and more in both the Phoenix and Tucson areas. 
  • Grand Canyon Railway passes. The historic Grand Canyon Railway departs daily from Williams, Arizona to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. Enhance your Grand Canyon experience with an entertaining train ride featuring western musicians and cowboy characters on vintage rail cars. 
  • McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park Membership. Take a ride on the Paradise & Pacific Railroad and the 1950-vintage Allan Herschell carousel, visit a variety of shops and museums, play on the one-of-a-kind playgrounds or play areas, or just relax in the grass under a tree. A membership includes one year of unlimited train and carousel rides, holiday light members-only night, discounted ticket specials, and more. 
  • Sunrise, SnowBowl, or Mt Lemmon Ski Valley. Enjoy a wintery wonderland at one of these Arizona snow destinations. Whether you’re looking to play in the snow, go skiing, or learn to snowboard, plan a trip for the whole family to experience snow in our desert state. 
  • Stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. When you’re looking for the ultimate family getaway, Great Wolf Lodge resort has it all: an indoor water park kept at a warm 84 degrees year-round, outdoor pool and hot tubs, fun attractions & events, dining options to please every palate, and more — Experience a world of play all under one roof.
  • Tickets to Medieval Times. Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly experience inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament. Guests are served a four-course banquet as they cheer for one of six knights competing in the joust and other tests of skill.

For more experience gift ideas, check out our additional roundup of restaurants, movie theaters, museum memberships and more.







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