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How to Stay on Top of Your Kid’s Summer Learning

By Ben Smith, CEO and creator of Gnosis IQ

Summer is officially here, and while you may have some fun summer activities planned for your kids, you should also incorporate learning during this two-month break. While learning may not be at the top of your kid’s summer activity ideas, it is important to prevent a summer setback and help kids from falling behind in their education.

On average, students lose about 17 to 34% of the prior year’s learning over summer break, known as the ‘summer slide.’ Paired with the academic learning loss that developed due to the pandemic, it’s important for you as a parent to encourage summer learning to help avoid the summer slide and make sure your kids aren’t spending additional time in the fall catching up.

Fortunately, there are several fun ways to incorporate learning into summer vacation without having it feel like additional schoolwork.

Local Field Trips

Field trips are not just reserved for the school year but can be a great way for kids to stay educationally engaged and learn new information about their city.

Arizona has several historic and educational sites perfect for a family field trip. Places like the Musical Instrument Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, and the Science Center are great educational field trips.

You can also visit other places in Arizona, like Sedona or Tucson, and explore more areas that the state has to offer.



Games are a great activity to help kids stay engaged this summer and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether you partake in board games, live-action games, or even certain video games, there are several options that can provide educational value. For example, certain board games require the use of math or reading skills.

Encourage Summer Reading

Reading is one of the best ways your kids can practice and develop their English skills. Reading something as simple as a menu item or a poster on a building can still be valuable in improving their capabilities and comprehension. You can also challenge your children to read a certain number of books this summer or make it a goal to read a chapter a night with them.

Point Out How Math Is Used Daily

Math is an important skill for children to develop because it is consistently used in our daily lives. This summer, point out and explain how math is used in everyday life. This can be done by giving them a certain amount of money to spend at their favorite store or by having them count how many red cars they see on a road trip.

Educational Programs

Check with your school or local library to see what educational programs they recommend or have available. Some libraries may have summer reading challenges for kids, or schools might have online programs they recommend. There are also several free and printable activities kids can fill out.

Since many children are already behind in their education from the past two and a half years, it’s important to encourage summer learning and help your kids from falling even further behind. Reading challenges, field trips, and educational games are all fun ways for your kids to engage in summer learning.

About Ben Smith

Ben Smith is the CEO and creator of Gnosis IQ, an artificial intelligence software that predicts students’ future performance and tracks students’ emotional status throughout the day. The platform also provides students, parents, teachers, and administrators the ability to intervene and help academically struggling students before it becomes a significant problem. Smith designed Gnosis IQ during the pandemic as he saw the impact remote learning and social distancing had on students’ emotional and academic performance. For more information on Gnosis IQ, visit https://www.gnosis-iq.com/.



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