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5 questions with Danielle Wurth about getting organized

Danielle Wurth (center) with her organizing gurus. Photo courtesy of Wurth Organizing.

RAK featured Scottsdale mom Danielle Wurth in an August 2011 web-exclusive story. Her business, Wurth Organizing, served a growing list of clients who craved control over the chaos of daily life. In 2018, the company will celebrate its 11th anniversary. We caught up with Wurth recently to ask her what’s changed.

What has contributed to your company’s growth? As client and media exposure grew over the years, so did the need for more families to be served. I hit a growth crossroads in 2012. Professionally and personally I needed to make a clear choice: either turn eager clients away or find a way to reach more people Valleywide without sacrificing quality family time and personal sanity.

I created the Wurth Organizing Program to hire like-minded [individuals] with God-given gifts to organize and a desire to teach other families healthier, clutter-free living. The team grew quickly.

In the fall of 2015, The Container Store approached me to be its Exclusive Brand Partner for all three Valley locations via the new in-store program, Contained Home. TCS flew our crew out for intensive training on the Elfa and TCS closet products along with support on all the fantastic completion products. Our company services expanded from offering hands-on organizing services to helping with custom closet design. The transition was very exciting, very intensive and challenging on new level.

How have customers’ needs changed over the years? Clutter “hot spots” remain the same but people’s awareness of clutter and the lack of organized systems in the family home has increased. Juggling work, family and all the stuff in between is difficult. I like to call this “life’s layer cake.” Each layer and family zone needs to be addressed, organized and labeled properly, otherwise the entire cake will split into an oh-so-lovely crumbled mess. Time and money are wasted by not running an organized household. The financial loss is staggering: from missing gift cards to over-purchasing food, late bill payments and marital and family stress. We encourage clients to “stop the bleeding.” Let us help you turn things around by teaching you and your kiddos organized systems that are essential life skills we all need to survive in this fast-paced treadmill that is life today.

How do you feel about the word “balance”? Finding balance is a short-term action and can’t be sustained for the long term. I prefer to use the term juggle. It refers to knowing which balls to handle at a certain time and which to put down. I encourage others to learn new skills and feel confident — not shameful — in running a home.

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What’s one easy thing families can do to be more organized this year? I feel a well-organized, well-labeled food pantry is non-negotiable. The money saved is truly staggering. Hundreds of dollars become pure waste [when food expires]. An organized pantry is a wonderful space for kiddos to help put away groceries and prep for snacks and lunches. It helps mom and dad while also building [a child’s] confidence and order in the family home. Everyone benefits greatly.

How about the family? Phil and I have been married 21 years. We truly complete each other’s sentences and support one another on so many levels as soul mates. Devon is 12 and Oliver is 8. They are such fine young men who take their school studies, organizing skills and club-soccer skills very seriously. We are a hardcore soccer family, and I have plenty of soccer-mom swag to wear for their games on the weekends!

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